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Thanks for an amazing year!

I am happy to announce that we have signed our lease for another 5 years, so please continue to sign up for your favorite classes and keep coming back to support your local Studio!

I want each of you who has been a part of our Center this year and in the years past, to know how very grateful I am for YOU. For the gift of your physical presence, your financial payments and donations that have kept our small studio alive and well, I appreciate you and THANK YOU.

Each year gets more rewarding as YOU amazing students come to class and tell me how much you love our current staff. As you share your yoga stories of growth and adventure with me, or pop your heads into my office and tell me that you have visited other Studios in your travels and adventures, and still feel that there is a "magic" here that you have yet to find elsewhere, it makes all the past years of struggle worthwhile. For all of you who have felt this "magic" you speak of, and keep coming back year after year-you, make my heart happy, because I know that the "magic" you are feeling is simply the magical force of "divine and prana" that was already in you, and that this Center is simply a place where you feel comfortable enough to relax and truly experience the "I am" that IS you.

Please keep emailing me your yoga stories and requests for our Center. We are listening to you and continually adapting our Center to the needs and desires of our dedicated students.

For example: per your request, Sean has agreed to add a NEW early morning class in 2015! Join him on Wednesdays at 7am for a moderate-active practice. Please show him your support by starting your Wednesdays off with an energizing yoga practice.

I end this year with so much gratitude for over
14 and 1/2 years as a Yoga Center and 20 years as
a yoga student and teacher.

What a blessed year we have all had together.
Much love, and many, many thanks!

Lanita Varshell

Owner/Founder A Gentle Way Yoga Center - San Diego


• Adaptive & Beginner’s Yoga

• Classical & Active Hatha Yoga

• Plus Size Yoga

• Yoga for injuries & illness

• Gentle & Restorative Yoga

• Specialized Workshops

• Private Sessions

• Chair Yoga

Exceptional Teacher Training

Small Groups

Apprentice with Senior Staff

Personal Attention


Specialty training with Lanita Varshell
7-day & 3/12 day intensives


Our 200-hr. (Basics) and 300-hr. (Advanced) Yoga Teacher Training programs are registered with Yoga Alliance, the leading education and support organization in the United States.

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